Smartphone Software

Software for mobile devices combine a wide range of IT technologies that help solve business problems remotely and protect information resources. Due to the rapid growth of the market for portable devices, mobile software development is reaching a whole new level. Mobile applications help organize remote work for employees of companies with a distributed structure, providing access to corporate business resources and data and allowing remote management of the enterprise IT environment. Effective solutions in this area are offered by Microsoft, SCO Group, CommonTime, AccessData and other companies.    

A modern mobile device contains a large amount of important information that must be protected using specialized tools. Currently, there are many comprehensive programs for mobile devices that combine a reliable antivirus, an advanced firewall, antispam for SMS and data encryption technologies. A high level of security for portable devices is guaranteed by such global vendors as ESET, Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky.

Nowadays, mobile devices have advanced functionality and allow you to perform a wide range of tasks - you can work with email and the Internet, PDF files, view text documents and spreadsheets, use electronic dictionaries to translate texts, etc. ABBYY, Foxit, DataViz are the leading vendors of mobile applications that help perform these tasks.

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