Since 2008, our primary goal has been to provide customers with the best solutions for businesses in Vietnam.

Experience new growth opportunities with Noventiq's global expertise in day-to-day process automation
Microsoft Modern Work & Security Partner
Google – Partner
Adobe – Partner
Kaspersky – Outstanding Partner

Noventiq Store offers licensed software, services & hardware to purchase online, and also provides its customers with:

IT experts online to guide you through licensing schemes
Subscription software and perpetual products
Free basic technical support after purchase
Free platform for Microsoft subscription management
Direct contracts with authorized global vendors and famous brands at the best prices
IT services for migration, implementation, cybersecurity
Integration of Noventiq product catalogs into your procurement systems with individual prices
Individual payment terms (online transfer, bank invoice, afterpay)

With more than 25 years of experience in many markets, we realise what is essential for small and medium-sized businesses requiring software procurement

Trusted IT partner for many companies in Vietnam

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