Computer-aided design (CAD) systems have become widespread in design, construction and modern manufacturing. CAD software makes it possible to optimize design processes, reducing time and labor costs. These systems make it possible to increase the accuracy of created drawings, 3D models, technological and design documents of various types.

CAD automates the processes of development and documentation, makes it possible to reuse design solutions and developments. This system uses mathematical modeling instead of physical prototyping. CAD tools are used in various fields. With their help design is carried out in 2D and 3D environments. CAD systems help solve basic problems across different industries.

Construction Design:

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • documentation and design of utilities and systems
  • design of transport infrastructure facilities and general plan
  • visualization of 3D models

Design and Engineering:

  • furniture
  • electronic equipment and circuit boards
  • machines and mechanisms
  • aircraft simulation
  • and more

Graphics and Animation:

  • create vibrant visual effects for films, games and commercials
  • design high-quality 3D images, models, characters
  • make high-quality visualizations, animations and presentations

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