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Bkav Corporation Products
  • Bkav Corporation is a Vietnamese technology company founded in 1995 in Hanoi. It specializes in security software and smart electronic devices, and provides enterprises and individuals with robust, innovative solutions to protect their sensitive data. The company is one of the top 10 brands in the country and is considered a pioneer in the national cybersecurity sphere and in building the local smartphone manufacturing industry. 

    Bkav is the first manufacturer in the world to equip a smartphone camera with artificial intelligence. The AI technology in Bkav products provides an additional layer of security and helps users better resist the most advanced cyber threats. 

    The product portfolio includes a firewall against DoS/DDoS and web attacks, an antivirus for enterprises, an information policy management solution, an appliance to detect and warn of attacks, and a digital signature service. IT also includes online services such as Home.vn with its basic antivirus features, eHoadon.vn electronic invoice software, Khophanmem.vn selective free software, Nopbaohiem.vn electronic insurance service, and Noptokhai.vn online tax declaration service.

    Bkav antivirus software provides reliable protection for PCs and smartphones against viruses and spam. Users can safely navigate through the web and perform banking transactions without the risk of malware attacks.

    The company also developed Bphone — the first Vietnamese smartphone manufactured in Bkav’s own factories. The smartphone features the TransferJet technology, which enables data sharing between Bphone users, and includes a number of i-Phone-like features. It is equipped with the custom-designed Bphone Operating System (BOS) with the built-in antivirus protection and comes with many apps developed by Bkav.

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