Files and Disks

Managing files and disks is a routine business process that significantly simplifies the interaction of IT system administrators and company employees with corporate information. File managers Total Commander and Paragon allow you to optimize the file system to increase the transparency and accessibility of organizational data. Archiving files using WinZip and RARSoft products ensures that you achieve the desired savings in hard disk space, increase the speed of data exchange and offload file servers.   

File and disk management software offers cloning and comparison, cataloging and compression, search and many other functions. File encryption and password protection capabilities are designed to provide complete control over access to corporate information.

Another important component of working with company data is protecting the information system, files and disks from damage in the event of equipment failure or software failures, virus attacks or user errors. Developers FarStone, Symantec, Acronis, Microsoft, VMware and others offer advanced backup programs that create system copies, ensure their storage, timely archiving and deletion. Imaging and disaster recovery applications for documents, servers, hard drives, removable media, and the operating system as a whole help prevent information loss by systematically backing up files and disks. Businesses and home users can use data protection and recovery systems for various types of platforms and servers, devices and databases.

Hard disk programs allow you to increase free disk space by permanently destroying the remains of deleted system files, increase system performance through timely defragmentation, and divide disks into separate partitions for convenient cataloging and storage of information. The world's leading vendors Veritas, Acronis, Ontrack offer disk solutions that ensure high system speed and optimal storage of all important data.

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