Business Management, CRM/ERP

Business programs are  integrated systems used in companies to automate and implement key processes and business functions.

Customer relationship management system (CRM) is a business application for organizations designed to automate standard procedures and optimize parts of marketing and business processes. Microsoft, Oracle, NormaCS, Mirapolis, Comodo offer business solutions to automate the implementation of strategic business tasks and optimize labor productivity.

The process of managing an enterprise's IT infrastructure includes collecting and processing information about the assets of a company, monitoring their condition, monitoring user activity, conducting analytics of the work of IT departments by generating reports and providing high-quality user support. Business programs help create a single managed information space that displays the activities of the entire enterprise which allows you to quickly assess the effectiveness of work and obtain information for making the right management decisions. Similar systems are developed by companies such as Microsoft, Atlassian, SmartBear, Nitro Software, SolarWinds, etc.

Business programs are designed to provide a deep understanding of business and improve the quality of enterprise management. An important component in the implementation of business projects is automation of document flow and office work that increases the manageability of organizations and supports its integrity in the context of business expansion. It enhances the speed of decision-making and improves conditions for the exchange of information and the provision of services. Office applications and document generation tools developed by Adobe, Foxit Corporation, Corel, Oracle and Microsoft help create and process electronic documents, tables, presentations, interactive PDF files, generate reports, forms and diagrams that contain business logic. All this helps to dynamically manage projects of any complexity.

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