ZWSOFT Products
  • Founded in 1998, the Chinese company ZWSOFT is one of the world's largest suppliers of computer-aided design systems for the architectural, engineering, construction, electronics and other manufacturing industries. The vendor's solutions implement the latest CAD achievements, including proprietary technologies of the American company VX Corporation, one of the first developers of CAD/CAM programs. ZWSOFT is the owner of many prestigious professional awards that recognize the quality of the developer's products.

    ZWSOFT software allows you to accelerate 2D and 3D design processes, increase productivity and take full advantage of modern CAD. In 2002, the company released a revolutionary product, ZWCAD, which quickly earned a reputation as a cost-effective and powerful CAD platform. Thanks to the extensive ZWSOFT dealer network, more than 180,000 customers in 80 countries of the world are ZWCAD users.

    In 2010, the ZW3D system was created - a professional integrated CAD / CAM solution built on VX CAD / CAM CAD. The release of this product allowed the company to expand the possibilities of mechanical design in the corporate environment.

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